“that which happens of itself” goes urban

Nature always finds a way…

that which happens of itself was created as a dance piece for stage dealing with the relationship between humans and nature. With everything the human race is doing to destroy this planet, I asked myself when and how nature would take back what we have so brutally stolen from her. Through a re-interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book “Alice in Wonderland”, the Tanzorchester and I thus created a haunting tale about dreams, falling, power and transformation. This tale will now be made into a film.

Together with visual artist Maria Gibert, we have travelled deep into the heart of our hometown Hamburg and searched for the perfect urban environments to re-tell our stage story and put it where it belongs: into the city and the remains of Mrs. Nature within it. We have travelled secretively and loud, far and close, wide and narrow…

Now, all work in front of the camera is done. Post production can start and we are excited about what’s to come and enchanted by our journey so far.

Let us take you on our past journey and marvel at stills form Maria’s camera work and pictures taken by Fabian Schrimpf, Anna Boboeva and myself from the three days of shooting “that which happens of itself”.

So, Mrs. Nature, what do you want?

Day I – Römische Gärten, Blankenese


Day II – Parkhaus Mitte, Sternschanze

Tanzorchester Suse Tietjen

Tanzorchester Suse Tietjen

Day III – Rote Flora, Sternschanze & Jenisch Park, Othmarschen


Stills from the film by Maria Gibert:


About Suse Tietjen

Dancer, Performer, Choreographer
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