New Year’s Resolution! 2015


Ah! A new and shiny year is on our doorsteps and hopefully all those eager RESOLUTIONs for 2015 are ready to fire and flourish. Thus, I am wishing you a smashing night of marvelous transitions, transformations and festivities. May your eve be full of promising newness and your 2015 packed with love and happiness! Before you open that champagne, however, don’t forget to book your tickets for the opening night of RESOLUTION! 2015 at The Place, London. There is no better way than to start your new year with DANCE!

By the way, you will receive lovely discounts when booking three or more Resolution! evenings at the same time:

This is what will await thee on the 8th January 2015 at 8pm at The Place:

Ishimoi by Ishimwa: Niyizi
What if a dress is all you need to express or impress? What if a pair of blue socks is all the make-up you need? Niyizi looks at why we cling on to particular ideas and how they make us feel.

Anders Duckworth: Projected
Two characters seem to have emerged from another world, the world of celluloid. Seeing their projected memories realised unearths questions of what is 2D or 3D, fantasy or reality.

Suse Tietjen: The End Is Important in All Things
The boundaries between human and animal behaviour will coalesce as two short stories become a non-linear arrangement of curious interhuman relations and deathly ways of procreation in the animal kingdom.


About Suse Tietjen

Dancer, Performer, Choreographer
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