MEERE – I am water…

I am overwhelmed by last weekends performance of the TANZORCHESTER. Never ever have I been more sad or more happy in my life of dance. I believe, I truly have the most beautiful dancers and people in my company. I can’t thank them enough for their outstanding performance that moved the audience, the choreographer, the writer and the artist involved in “MEERE” so much that everyone cried. We received standing ovations by everyone in the wonderful Hapag-Hallen in Cuxhaven…

I feel blessed!

Rabea said: “I won’t be thirsty anymore once I am the water” and I can only respond that I am water now. There is no better or worse time to announce that the TANZORCHESTER is now going to pause for an unknown amount of time…

Once I finish my degree in London though, we will return with a loud and happy BOOOOOOM!!!


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Thanks to Klaus Ebeling for his amazing pictures and the hard work in organizing these two nights!

Thank you to Rabea Edel who inspired us in creating a moving choreography of her work “Das Wasser in dem wir schlafen” (the text couldn’t have been more perfect for us)!

Thank you Feodora Gomolzig and Jamila Franzen for being there with and for us!

Thank you to my parents: Hans and Birgit Tietjen for always being there, helping me in the pursuit of my dreams and making so many things possible!

Thanks to my soloists Veronika Oepen, Ann-Leonie Niss, Fiona Zinder, Diana Mohr and Juliana Pestka for their mind-blowing performances and hard work and dedication for this company!

And thank you to the TANZORCHESTER – all my beautiful dancers! You are amazing! I love you with all my heart and will miss you terribly: Sahra Bazyar, Josefin Freier, Lea Heuer, Melanie Holt, Katharina Jacobsen, Kristina Krieger, Diana Mohr, Ann-Leonie Niss, Veronika Oepen, Juliana Pestka, Irma Preller, Andrea Rattke, Sarah-Maria Scheffler, Laura Wohlers, Fiona Zinder!


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