Brother of Sleep

This is the story of the musician Johannes Elias Alder, who took his own life at the age of twenty-two, after he had resolved never to sleep again.

A new work by Suse Tietjen in collaboration with composer Gareth Moorcraft from the Royal Academy of Music. Part of Roehampton Dance Festival.

Wednesday, 15th of May 2013 @ 7pm

Michaelis Theatre, University of Roehampton

Dancers: Amy Louise Cartwright, Samantha White, Úna Little, Judith Ward, Ingrid Hatleskog, Jennifer Whittaker, Joshua Gill, Kurt Nagy

Please order your tickets online as soon as possible!

*He who loves does not sleep*


About Suse Tietjen

Dancer, Performer, Choreographer
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1 Response to Brother of Sleep

  1. Suse Tietjen says:

    A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the RAM performance tonight! It has been a blast! Having you in the audience meant a lot to me!
    To everyone involved at the performance: I feel blessed to know so many amazing dancers, choreographers, musicians and artists! Great job everyone!
    The biggest thank you however goes out to my genius composer Gareth Moorcraft for his beautiful and mind-blowing composition and to the most beautiful dancers Sam White, Amy Louise Cartwright, Úna Little, Judith Ward, Ingrid Hatleskog, Jenny Whittaker, Kurt Nagy and Josh Gill! You guys don’t even know how much I enjoyed working with you! Seeing you perform tonight makes all the hard work even more worth it and even more valuable! I am proud and thankful and blown away by your performance! You have been the most committed, creative, talented and beautiful dancers! ♥ Thank you!

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